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Campbell, Mike – Principal

Mike Campbell

Black, Wes  – Assistant Principal

Wes Black

Davis, Cindy - Assistant Principal

Cindy Davis 

Jones, Maurice – Assistant Principal

Maurice Jones

Shumate, Tandy – Assistant Principal

Tandy Shumate

Sims, Chris – Assistant Principal

Chris Sims





Board Members


Anderson, Jeff – District 5 Rep

Jeff Anderson 

Vess, David – District 4 Rep

David Vess





Office Staff


Bournes, Viola - AAP

Viola Bournes

Collins, Jeanie – Secretary, ext. 41007

Jeanie Collins

Daye, Karen – Bookkeeping, ext. 41012

Karen Daye

Garner, Penny – Attendance, ext. 41008 

Penny Garner

Parrish, Alisa – Front Desk, ext. 41001

Alisa Parrish

Robinson, Cathy – Attendance, ext. 41009

Cathy Robinson

Stone, Emma – Registrar, ext.41003 

Emma Stone

Strong, Laura – Nurse, ext. 41010 

Laura Strong

Thurgood, Shauna – Registrar, ext. 41004

Shauna Thurgood

Yates, Brenda – Bookkeeping, ext. 41011 

Brenda Yates



Counselors (web page)


Clanton, Sharon – College & Career, ext. 41033

Dr. Sharon Clanton

Haynes, Lorri – 10th Grade, ext. 41030

Lorri Haynes

Hoover, Julie - 11th  Grade, ext. 41031

Julie Hoover

Muhammad, Dedra – 12th Grade, ext. 41032

Dedra Muhammad



Career Tech (web page)


 Ford, Angela - Consumer Science

 Angela Ford

Goins, Kim - Medical Academy

Kim Goins

Hancock, Chris - Engineering

Chris Hancock

Holland, Angela

 Angela Holland

James, Kevin– JROTC

Maj. Kevin James 

Jones, Walter – JROTC

1st. Sgt. Walter Jones

Lanford, Steve - Building Construction

Steve Lanford

  Massa, Bev - Co-Chair - Business Academy

Bev Massa

Spears, Gwen - JROTC

Sgt. Gwen Spears

Webster, Karoline – Consumer Science/Co-Chair

Karoline Webster

Wilkerson, Verna - Business Academy

Verna Wilkerson



Fine Arts (web page)


Bone, Rosetta Art

Rosetta Bone

Mittman, Eric – Chair

Eric Mittman

Raney, David– Band

David Raney

Ryan, Sherry Drama

Sherry Ryan

Taylor, Mary Beth Choir

Mary Beth Taylor



Foreign Language (web page)


Durham, Jasmine - Spanish

 Jasmine Durham

Terry, Carla - Spanish

Carla Terry

 Williams, Ann – French - Chair

Ann Williams



Language Arts (web page)


McMickin, Debbie Chair

Debbie McMickin

Carter, Evan

Evan Carter

Coggins, Erin

Erin Coggins

Davis, Monica

Monica Davis

Ferguson, Alison

Alison Ferguson

Fitch, Ashley

Ashley Fitch

Hodgens, Crystal

Crys Hodgens

Johnston, Ashley

Ashley Johnston

Munts, Paula

Paula Munts

Nave, Sonya

Sonya Nave

Neis, Katherine

Katherine Neis

Quaife, Renee

Renee Quaife

Silvey, Angela

Angela Silvey

 Staggs, Amber

Amber Staggs

Thomas, William

William Thomas

Willingham, Jana

Jana Willingham



Library Media Center


Hooton, Pamela – Media/Technology Specialist

Pamela Hooton

Presley, Lynn – Media Specialist

Lynn Presley


Mathematics (web page)


 Abernathy, JenniferChair

Jennifer Abernathy

Atwood, Erin

Erin Atwood

Bearden, Tina

Tina Bearden

Chapman, Becky

Becky Chapman

Delay, Patrick

Patrick Delay

Futch, Bradley

Bradley Futch

Locklear, Jennifer

Jennifer Locklear

McGuire, David James

David James McGuire

McKenzie, Frank

Frank McKenzie

Moore, Josh

Josh Moore

O’Neil, Jessica

Jessie O'Neil

Richardson, Ethan

Ethan Richardson

 Simons, Rachael

Rachael Simons

Temple, Erica

Erica Temple



P.E./Health/Drivers Ed.
(web page)


Aderholt, Lisa – P.E.

Lisa Aderholt

Elder, Whitney - Health/Driver's Ed.

Whitney Elder

Gillespie, Timothy – P.E.

Timothy Gillespie

Gover, Charlie Health/Track

Charlie Gover

Greer, Kellen – P.E./Baseball-Chair

Kellen Greer

 Jones, Nekeysha - Credit Recovery/Track

Nekeysha Jones

Lamm, Luke - Driver's Ed

Luke Lamm

Turnbough, John - P.E./Conditioning Coach


John Turnbough



Science (web page)


Bailey, Anita

Anita Bailey

Conquest, Ginny

Ginny Conquest

Culver, Blake (Bo)

Blake Culver

 Dalton, Melanie - Chair

Melanie Dalton

Fernandez, Karl

Karl Fernandez

Gilliland, Lee

Lee Gilliland

Hodge, Teresa

Teresa Hodge

Hutchinson, Millicent

Millicent Hutchinson

Maddox, Mark

Mark Maddox

Maxtion, Twyla

Twyla Maxtion

Sexton, Jesse

 Jesse Sexton

Toney, Chantaye

Chantaye Toney

Whitworth, Jan

Dr. Jan Whitworth



Special Education (web page)


Alsup, Amy

Amy Alsup

Bowden, Allison

Allison Bowden

Bowden, Chris

Chris Bowden

Davis, Alicia

Alicia Davis

Davis, Andrea – Speech Therapist

Andrea Davis

 Haselman, Chanda - Chair-Self Contained

Chanda Haselman

Miller, Lisa

Lisa Miller

McCall, Tracy

Tracy McCall

Morrow, Myra

Myra Morrow

Reidy, Bridget

Bridget Reidy

Stanley, Cindy - Chair-Inclusion 

Cindy Stanley

Winters, Corey

Corey Winters



Social Science (web page)


Carter, Laura

Laura Carter

Coggins, Jamie

Jamie Coggins

Blanchette, Jodi

Jodi Blanchette

Gillespie, Kyle

Kyle Gillespie

Glass, Gina

Gina Glass

Hightower, Zac

Zac Hightower

Ivey, Lisa

Lisa Ivey

Jennings, Trey

Trey Jennings

McKinney, Jennifer - Chair

Jennifer McKinney

Paysinger, Chris

Dr. Chris Paysinger

Pope, Jelena

Jelena Pope

Stevenson, Benjamin

Benjamin Stevenson

Telaga, Chris

Chris Telaga 






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